I was born and raised on the sunny island of Curacao. You could find me playing in the ocean since I was a kid. It was only a five minute walk from the nearest windsurf school. When I was 13 I started windsurfing. Three years later I became a part time instructor until I finished my school. When I was 20 I moved to the Netherlands to study as a chef. I lived in Scheveningen right on the beach, where the kite and surfing mecca of the Netherlands is.

Once I took a vacation to Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, where I took kitesurf lessons. I was hooked! As soon as I got my chef’s degree I took a flight back to the happy island of Curacao. First I worked as a chef, but I soon realized that my passion was not in the kitchen, but on the water. The kite scene became my world and Sint Joris Bay became my home


I returned back to Curacao when I was 23 years, with just one suitcase. I sold all my stuff, even my windsurfing gear, with the idea to continue what I just learned in Cabarete: kitesurfing! As soon as I got back, I bought my first kitesurfing equipment. I was so stoked, that after only one year, I decided that I also wanted to teach others how awesome this sport is.

Once again I went to Cabarete, this time to follow an IKO instructor course to upgrade my teaching skills as a kitesurfing instructor. I finished my IKO-instructor course and bought all necessary equipment to teach and returned to Curacao. My dream is to expand my kitesurfing school into a kite center.


I give lessons with the Kites from 2016 Ozone Catalyst V1 and Enduro V1.The Catalyst V1 is designed for entry level and intermediate riders. It is a confidence inspiring, fun and easy kite to ride that will make your progression in the sport fast, safe and enjoyable.
The Enduro V1 design is a all-round kite improving performance for the intermediate to advanced rider looking for a kite that can really do it all. Any style, any conditions. The Enduro V1 wil have you ripping!

The boards that I use are good sizes boards for beginners. These are perfect to learn the water starts in one hour. I use special size boards that no other school uses for their students. You will be flying and riding these boards both ways!


Don’t wait too long! Book a lesson today! Nix Kite School always gives out the same advise. Once you start kiteboarding it’s best to follow up on lessons as soon as possible. You’re muscle memory will adapt much better when taking more lessons in a row. Our second advise is to directly buy or rent equipment to keep practicing. Once you understand everything you’re good to go!